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What is a zine?

There is a very large amount of joy involved in creating these mini worlds. Short for “magazine” or “fanzine,” zines are mini book(lets) which can contain poems, stories, sketches, collage or all of the above. Often associated with alternative or sub cultures, they can become a kind of self-made soapbox for the maker, this series of workshops will be themed around self-care and will encourage us to consider how we nuture and take care of ourselves in our day to day lives.

Why make zines?

I have used zines in my personal and professional life to help problem-solve, explore emotions around a situation and last summer I made a zine entitled "A Holiday Survival Guide 2022". They can be playful and whimsical or dead serious!


I am working with Barnstaple Library and some other local venues to offer Zine Workshops. In the interests of inclusivity and being flexible, I am also going to offer these online as well. Sessions will be 1.5hrs (online) or 2hrs (face to face).

At the moment, I am working out how we can best tailor the sessions to make them accessible and sustainable. So that I can get a sense of where, when and how much, I have put up an information and sign up page on my website. Get your details down and I will be in touch when I have a firm idea of what works best for people.


I am keen to offer workshops during term time in working hours 10am/1pm, or in the evening online 7.30pm. I have young children at home so it's important that people understand that there could be the odd unplanned appearance!

How to book?

Once I have got a sense of preferences from people, I will send out a booking link with all the lovely details you need.

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