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The film will take us through a journey where we encounter loneliness and omission, it will ultimately be uplifting and empowering, highlighting the warmth of human connection and the unique experiences of deaf individuals.

Sketchbook Mockup Image (8).png
Sketchbook Mockup Image (8).png


Exploring communication barriers, identity, and the importance of mutual understanding will be central to the storyline, showcasing the struggles and triumphs of deaf children in a mainstream setting and the wider school community.

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This film will blend of drama and metaphorical world building, incorporating elements of interruptive realism to convey emotions and messages in a visually captivating way. The animation style will be evocative and emotive, with familiar analogue elements depicting the lived visual experience of primary-aged children, incorporating sign language and non-verbal communication.

Sketchbook Mockup Image (8).png
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Other will be a short stop motion animation. This inspiring story celebrates diversity and promotes an inclusive society.

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