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grumpy card workshop

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especially : a noncommercial often homemade or online publication usually devoted to specialized and often unconventional subject matter.

Short for “magazine” or “fanzine,” zines are mini book(lets) which can contain poems, stories, sketches, collage or all of the above. Often associated with alternative or sub cultures, they can become a kind of self-made soapbox for the maker, this series of workshops will be themed around self-care and will encourage us to consider how we nuture and take care of ourselves in our day to day lives.


Emma offers workshops for groups of up to 20.  The sessions are designed to explore wellbeing and self-care through zine making.  

These sessions can be delivered in a variety of different settings depending on what works best for your group.

The Zine Workshops are bookable as a series or individually.

Session Structure

The Zine Zone - Sessions begin with a mindfulness exercise

A Brief History of the Zine

Anatomy of the Zine

  1. Examples and Making

  2. Why make zines?

Different Ways of Making

  1. Collage

  2. Sketching

  3. Writing

Zine Workshop Themes

  1. 7 Things that make me feel good.

  2. 7 Places that I love spending time in.

  3. 7 Favourite Things

  4. 7 Best Memories

Sessions usually last 2 hrs with a 15 minute break, unless otherwise requested.

All Materials are provided

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