Framed Print

Framed Print

Simply choose one of these three prints Inky Hedge, Inky Shore or Printed Hedge and it will be signed, framed and delivered.  If you would like it wrapped as a gift, simply let me know the name of the person and I will include a hand printed gift tag at no extra cost.  It also comes with a certficate of authenticity. 


The print unframed would be 12 x10in and framed it will be 16 x 12in.


  • Good things to know about the framed prints...

    Printed by Jackson & Young on Heavy Matt Paper 230gsm.

    They are mounted with white board and framed in a simple white frame.

    Each print includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

    UK P&P included in price, allow 14 days for delivery.


    These are framed with glass and are not suitable for postage. 

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